$129.00 AUD


The Product Lounge Product Blue Print

Coming soon – our brand new, affordable online workshop and diagnostic tool!

In this really helpful, 2 hour interactive workshop, we'll take you through the entire core skill set required to run a successful product brand. Why try and figure it out incrementally as you go, only to stumble across the next big issue?

We've built two international interior products brands from the ground up over the last ten years and we completely understand that as product makers, we invest so much heart and soul into the beautiful things we create and sell. And yet it often feels that we get bogged down in everything else except for our products!

We'll map out what you need across all essential areas of the business. Plus, the Product Lounge Roadmap diagnostic tool will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses so you have a laser-like, birds-eye view of your business's operations, and where you need to add or outsource resources as you grow.

We will show you a raft of time saving platforms and how to integrate them into your day-to-day to make your business sing and maximise your impact ASAP!

In addition, I'll be sharing how we manage our businesses, simultaneously focusing on the big picture and day to day detail to get stuff done, make money and have fun along the way!

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