Hi, I'm Kura. I am the founder and managing director of two international interior products businesses, Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy. Over the last ten years, alongside my sister (who's our creative director and designer, Bree), we have been on a huge product-making journey that has seen us become established brands - not only in Australia but in the USA and further afield.

 Kura (left) and Bree (right)
There has been many 'pinch-me' moments over the years and many opportunities. Inevitably there's also been challenges and our fair share of low points that we've needed to navigate. This is all part of the journey. 

 Over the last decade, we've learned all aspects of operating a product business. We've adopted innovative methods that enable us churn out the work of a far larger company - and at a fraction of the cost. We have mastered the essential things that you need to know, and the skills you need to have, to operate a thriving, successful and sustainable product brand.

We're passionate about empowering others to take a holistic approach to setting up and sustainably growing their successful product brands. We're creating free and low-cost training materials that address all facets of operating a product brand, from branding, marketing, strategy, sales, systems, logistics, financial management, export marketing and so much more. Plus we're here to personally help your business through coaching, live & virtual events and of course, the Product Lounge Podcast.

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Kura has owned and operated her own businesses for over two decades. After a successful ten-year strategic communications consulting career, during which time she consulted as the Head of Communications on the Olympic Village in London, she left the UK in 2009 to travel the world. 

During her family's travels, they visited Argentina where Kura stumbled across a tapestry that sparked the vision for her product brand, Art Hide. 

From an initial $15K investment, Art Hide has morphed today into a global luxury interiors brand that celebrates its tenth birthday in 2020. With the addition of two other sister brands, Amigos de Hoy and Ground Control (by Amigos de Hoy), the company has achieved strong year-on-year growth, a seven figure revenue, and attracted clients across six continents.

Kura is a believer in business with balance; that is, the ability to create and sustain a long-term business that brings joie de vivre and doesn't trade time for income, and supports a lifestyle that is focused on family, friends and fun. She is passionate about empowering others to take a holistic approach to setting up and sustainably growing their product brands. 
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