In the Product Lounge, your host Kura meets with the makers behind a whole range of product brands, from Australia, the USA and further afield.
Do you sell products and feel alone with some of the issues you're facing? Would you like inspiration from other product businesses? Want to improve your skills as a product entrepreneur and grow your business? 

In the Product Lounge, we meet with the makers behind a whole range of product brands, to see behind the scenes of their businesses. From humble beginnings, through to business defining moments and the many highlights and challenges along the way, we dive deep into the businesses grown out of product ideas - and the unique stories of the people who conceived and created them.  

Be inspired by how they run their businesses and how they've overcome obstacles, and created opportunities and new markets for their products.

Each season, we also shine a light on ideas, insights, inspiration and learnings about what it takes to run a successful and sustainable product based brand, from industry experts and thought leaders. 

 Tune in, be inspired & sharpen your skills - and become part of our community supporting and celebrating product businesses! 

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